Gated Content Forms- BETA

Gated Content Forms are a great way to generate high quality leads or prospects. They allow you to limit access to certain pages of your website or files, such as Webinars or an educational PDF in exchange for the viewer sharing their information.

Gated Content are currently in BETA and can be activated for your Transpond account by an Admin User going to Labs and enabling the feature.

How do I create a Gated Content Form?

Go to Forms in the top menu bar.
Click the button to + Create Form.
Select Gated Content
Choose how the viewer will access the content. We recommend using In a confirmation email. When using this option, once the viewer has confirmed their email address they will gain access to the file or link.

Here you can also add the Content you would like to share. Click to +Add Content and select File or link. You can upload multiple files for the viewer to download on completing the form - The viewer will simply receive multiple download links. If you have selected to share a file After Form Submission it is only possible to share one file rather than multiple. You can also set download limits, for example; download once or download muultiple times within 2 hours.

Click to Start Designing your Form. More on designing Signup Forms here.
In Step 4 of the Form builder you can customise the message displayed when someone has subscribed, with a button to download the file or visit your chosen link. This is done using the Gated Content element. If there are multiple files to download you can create a separate button for each one.

If you later change the files included in your Gated Content Form, you will also need to update the form download links by opening up the form and selecting the new file.

How to Report on Gated Content

Once your form is up and running, in the Form Analytics you can find the Downloads area which shows many times a file was downloaded. Clicking View will also display which subscriber downloaded it.

How to Automate using Gated Content

Gated Content Forms can also be used as part of an automation. When a contact downloads a file (either a specific file or any) from a Form, this will trigger an automation.

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