How to setup an Automation

Automation (or Marketing Automation) offers an incredibly powerful way to boost your businesses efficiency, especially when it comes to marketing and staying in contact with your customers. Setting up an Automation with Transpond is really easy.

In the following guide, we will look at how to create and view your first Automation from scratch.

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How to setup your first Automation

So let's setup our first automation. In the following example we will setup a very common type of Automation. We are going to create an automation that simply sends an email whenever subscribers are  added to one of our groups.

Click the Automation tab at the top of the Transpond Control Panel
Click the + Create Automation button located at the top right of the screen
Now you can choose to either create an automation from scratch or to use one of our templates. For the sake of this guide we're going to create one from scratch.

You will now be taken into the Automation Designer. The first thing to do before you can start adding steps is to choose which subscribers are added to your automation, and when.

Click the Define a Workflow Trigger box that is in the middle of your screen. A drawer will open to the right allowing you to select when subscribers are added to your automation. For this example select When a subscriber joins a group and then either pick an existing group, or create a new one.

Click the Save button when you're done.

Now that you have setup the initial "Trigger" you can go ahead and add steps to your automation. For our example we are going to send an email, so click the little plus ( +) button just below the "Initial Trigger" box to add a new step, and then select Email to add an email step.

You should now see the "drawer" on the right has changed and is now showing options to do with your new email. Enter a subject, a sender name and a sender email address and then click the Edit Email Content button.

You will be taken off to select and edit an email template. Once done you will be sent back to the automation designer and your email step will be ready to go.

Note: You can always edit or adjust steps by simply clicking on them.

You could carry on adding steps, and making your workflow as simple or as complicated as you wish. In our example we are happy to simply send an email to subscribers when they join our group, so lets make the automation live. Simply click the toggle at the top right of the screen that says Activate to switch on your automation.
When you activate the Automation you'll be asked if you want it to run just for new contacts that joins your Segment or if you'd like to add all existing contacts to it as well. Please take care when choosing as if you choose to include existing contacts then it will run for them all right away. 

You're Automated!

Congratulations, you setup your first automation. You can now explore all of the combinations of options available, and start setting up automations for pretty much any purpose.

Now your automation is live you might have noticed the screen looks a little different, some new icons have appeared.

The blue icon at the top of each box shows the number of subscribers that are queued up and waiting to be processed by the step, and the green icon underneath shows the number of subscribers that have already been processed by this step.

These stats update in real time so you can sit back and watch as subscribers travel around your automation.

You can also click on any step to get in depth statistics about who's waiting, who's been processed and more.

Finally, you can pause and edit your automation at any time by simply clicking the "Pause" button located at the top right of the screen (it only shows up if the automation is actually live!)

Happy Automating!

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