Signup Forms

What is a Signup Form?

Signup Form is a way of obtaining new contacts on your website and growing your audience. You can create a Signup Form using either our Hosted or our Embedded templates with our drag and drop editor, depending on which you choose you will get either a link that takes you to the Signup Form (Hosted) or a piece of code to copy and paste into your website (Embedded).

We also use a "double opt-in" method where once your new contacts has signed up you can send them a confirmation email. This is great to know that the email address entered is valid and belongs to the person that signed up.

How do I create a Signup Form?

Go to Signup Forms in the top menu bar.
Click the button to + Create Form.
You now have the option to select an existing group or create a new group for the new signups to be added to. For example you can create a group called "Website Subscribers" for any contact that signs up through a form on your site. If you need to create a new group you will need to enter some information into the fields on the right-hand side.
Once you've either added a new group or selected a group you'll be taken to a new page to select which type of Signup Form you want to create, Hosted or Embedded.

For this example we'll look at the Hosted option.

You will get the choice of three different themes to choose from, depending on which you like and which would suit your website best.
Once you've edited your form and saved it, you'll be taken to a preview page to make sure everything is looking good. You can copy the link and deploy it into your social media, website, emails etc so that people can click the link and be sent to the Signup Form.
Once your customers click the link they'll be directed to a page like this, where they can sign up.
Your Signup Form is now ready.

Analytics for Signup Forms

Now that you've created and deployed your Signup Forms you can monitor how successful they are at obtaining new contacts.

Go into the Signup Forms tab and here you will see the different Signup Forms you've created.
Choose one of your forms and select the three dots to the right and click 'View Analytics'.

Here you can get a review of how well your forms have done so far. It's good to test out which type of form is best for you, try an Embedded or a Hosted Form and see which gets the best response.

It's also great to gather extra information on your customers, for example, what devices they primarily use as you can see on the example below the majority is desktops, when they're signing up and how many impressions you're receiving.

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