Automations Overview

What is an Automation?

An Automation, sometimes referred to as a Marketing Automation is a way to automate your marketing activities in Transpond. It can help you do simple things like sending birthday messages every year or more advanced things like sending whole email sequences to your contacts when they first sign up to your mailing list, sending different emails depending on their attributes and preferences.

You can also use Automations to perform actions in services that are integrated with Transpond, or you can trigger Automations based on things that have happened in an integrated service. There are so many possibilities and this article is going to take you through a few examples.

Why do I need Automations?

Automations help you create personalized and targeted marketing that are tailored to your audience's needs and preferences. It keeps your contacts more engaged with your business while at the same time helps you streamline your workflows, automating repetitive tasks and freeing up your resources to focus on higher level marketing strategies and our business as a whole.

Examples of Automations

There are so many ways that you can use Automations but below is a list of some common examples:

  • Send subscribers a Happy Birthday email every year on their Birthday
  • Send an email or a series of emails to subscribers when they have joined a group
  • Send a welcome email to people when they first join your group
  • Send follow-up emails based on activity in an email campaign - for example when they click on a specific link.
  • Update a users record when they click a certain link - giving them an increased lead score or otherwise add attributes to further help you personalize marketing for them in the future.
  • Send vouchers or download links to new customers
  • Send an invoice just after a customer has purchased something on your store
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