How to add a Signup Form to your Squarespace site

Transpond Forms are a great way to get your contacts to sign up on your website and go directly into your Transpond account, where you in turn can use them for marketing campaigns and automations.

If your website is hosted with Squarespace then you can use these steps to get your form up and running on your site in minutes:

  1. Login to Transpond and go to Forms > +Create Form > select the Group that you want the form submissions to go into > switch to the 'Embedded' tab and then choose the template you want to use and start building your form.
  2. Add the fields and customize the form as you want. Once you're done, copy the embed script for the form, which you are now going to use in Squarespace.
  3. Login to Squarespace and go to the page that you want the form to be displayed in.
  4. Click an insert point and select Code to add a code block. For more detailed steps, visit Squarespace's help article on Adding content with blocks.
  5. Paste the code from you copied from Transpond into the block and Save the changes.

Once the block is saved and page is published, your form will immedicately be availanble for youre site visitors to fill in, and once filled in, the contacts will automatically go into your Transpond account.

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