How to add a Signup Form to your WIX site

With Transpond we've made it really simple for you to take the Signup Forms you've created and add them straight onto your WIX site so that you can get your contacts straight in from WIX to Transpond.

If you haven't already you need to create an Embedded Signup Form in Transpond. Once you've created the Form you'll get a small amount of code which you'll need to copy for later to embed into your website.
Log into your WIX site and go to your website design.
Go to the left-hand toolbar and click Add.
Scroll down to More then click HTML iframe.
Drag the box to where you'd like your Signup Form to be placed then click Enter Code and copy the code from Transpond (Step 1) into the textbox then click Apply.

Congratulations! Now your Signup Form will appear on your website ready for your customers to signup and subscribe to your fantastic emails!

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