Setting up Transactional Emails

How to plug Transactional Emails into your Website, Ecommerce Store, App or just about anything else.

Transactional emails enable you to send your day to day emails (Order Confirmations, Welcome Emails, Password Reminders etc) through managed, trusted servers as well as gaining access to stats on how those emails perform in terms of interactions and deliverability. Find out more about Transactional Emails here.

While this all might sound a little bit complicated, it's actually a very simple job for a developer to plugin. We even provide ready-to-go code samples for almost all of the main languages.

Here's how to get started..

Step 1:

Login to your Transpond account and click on your profile picture in the top menu bar and then go to Transactions

Step 2:

Click the "Settings" tab towards the top of the page.

Step 3:

Select your programming language from the drop down, copy the Sample Code (which already has your Access Token filled in) and paste it into your own code base.

You are Plugged In!

Congratulations. You have now plugged your app into the power of the Transpond backend. You can now enjoy great inboxing and full visibility over the emails you are sending, who's opening, interacting etc and what's causing problems (junk reporting, bounces, etc).

Advanced Configuration

There's much more you can do with the transactional email system than this basic example shows. For a full list of options that you can pass in and out please login and visit the Transactions area of the Transpond control panel.

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