Inbox and Spam Testing

Getting your email to a subscribers inbox is an ever increasing challenge as mail providers are constantly increasing their security measures and spam checking.

There are many factors that email providers use to determine whether an email is spam. These factors include:

  • Infrastructure

    The physical email servers that have been used to send the email are rated and ranked based on their prior history. If a server has been used to send spam or unwanted mails in the past it is likely it has been added to a blacklist or filtered by the provider.

  • Email Content

    Probably the most obvious thing that is checked is the content of the email itself. Email providers are highly likely to block words such as "Viagra" and "Get Rich Quick" but there are other less obvious things that are also flagged as suspicious.

  • Email Links

    If you include any links in your email these are likely to be checked by the inbox provider before allowing the mail through. If a link has been flagged in the past, you are heading to junk.

  • The Sender

    The email address sending the email. Has it been involved in prior unwanted send outs and itself received a bad reputation

  • Authentication

    Is your domain setup to allow the mail server to send emails?

There's a lot to think about here when sending a campaign, and in the past the only real way to figure out if you had an issue was to use trial and error to determine what was going wrong.

It was a pretty laborious process.

Automated Spam Testing

To take the pain out of inbox testing, we provide a one click solution that enables you to quickly test your email content, infrastructure, and authentication etc. in seconds.

We effectively test every aspect of your email, send it out to the most popular inbox providers (Hotmail, Gmail, etc) and let you know how you did.

If there are any problems, our spam testing tool will let you know what they are, and how to solve them.

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