Reply Tracking Quick Start

Reply tracking is a great way to monitor what happens after you've sent out a campaign.

Here's how reply tracking works:

Step 1:

Once logged in you can go to Company Profile on the top right-hand side using the drop down bar.

Step 2:

You will then need to go to Reply Tracking and then Add Mailbox.

Step 3:

You then need to add the Email Address, Username, Password, Host and Port then click Save. This is similar to when you set up a new account on a mobile device we ask for all the same information.

 You're Done!

Congratulations. Now you've added the new mailbox you all set up ready to track your replies! What happens now is our system will monitor your inbox all day to track replies from customers and gather data.

Now that you're connected, by viewing any campaign you can see any time someone has replied.

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