How to attach files to an email template

With Transpond you can create beautiful email templates using images and graphics.

Sometimes however you want to send an actual file to your contacts. Transpond helps you do that using buttons or links, where instead of going to a URL, the button/link takes the contact directly to download a file. Here's how to set that up:

  1. Go to Templates > click to Edit your Template
  2. In this example we'll use a button. Under the Elements heading, drag a button into your template.
  3. Click on the button to edit it. Update the button text and then click into the Link option > under Link Type choose File.
  4. Now click the button to Pick a file and the Transpond File Manager will open up. In there you can either select an existing file or upload a new file to use. Any file you upload to the File Manager will be available to select in future emails you create.
  5. Once you've picked the file, click the button to Save Link and you're all done.
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