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Adding tags to links is a great way to group or categorize the different types of links you use in campaigns. Link tags can then be used to create segments for future campaigns or to trigger your Automations. For example, if you send a campaign with links to different products you sell, you can tag each link as 'Product'. You can then send an email campaign with a special offer to anyone who has clicked any 'Product' link in the past month.

When viewing a contact in Transpond you can see which Link Tags they have clicked. Clicking on the Link Tag on the contact page will show you which specific link was clicked within each campaign.

Creating Link Tags

Drag and Drop Editor Templates

When creating your email templates in the Drag and Drop Editor or customising a Drag and Drop template within a campaign, simply drag a button element on to the template.
In the Button Content panel on the right hand side, edit the button text to add your 'call to action' and then add the link, link title and click 'Select Tags' here you can select any Link Tags that have previously been created or create a new one.

Once a link has been categorized with a tag, this tag will carry across all of your sending. Whenever a contact clicks on that link from any campaign, that tag will be assigned to the contact automatically.

HTML or WYSIWYG Templates

If you are creating your email templates in our HTML or WYSIWYG Editors you can still benefit from the Link Tag feature. To set up Link Tags:

Click Contacts > Tags > select Link Tags from the drop down menu and then click + Add Tag
Enter the tag name and then click Create
To add the links associated with this new tag, click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the screen and select Links. Here you can add each link in turn.

Using Link Tags to create Segments

Link Tags can be used as a standalone filter when creating a segment in Transpond, or they can be used in conjunction with other filters to further target certain contacts with a specific email campaign.

To create a segment of all customers who have clicked a tagged link within the past 30 days:

Go to Contacts > Segments > click +Add Segment
Using the Segment Editor first give your segment a meaningful name, then use:

[Link tags] [Clicked within X days] [30] [Products]

At this point you can add any additional filters you might need or you can can click to save the segment ready for use with the campaign.

Using Link Tags to trigger Automations

Contacts clicking on links with specific Link Tags can be used to trigger Automations in Transpond which can then go on to automatically send emails, send an internal email notification or even update records in the services you have integrated with Transpond.

Triggering an Automation with Link Tags

To use Link Tags to trigger an Automation, click Automations > click + Create Automation
Give your Automation a meaningful name > then click the initial trigger step and select When a contact clicks a Link Tag > then select the Link Tag.

From here you can build the rest of the Automation as required. If sending an email based upon a Link Tag being clicked, it is recommended to first add a delay step and then an email step.

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