Managing your contacts' status

Within Transpond there are different status' which allow you to control which contacts can be sent your email marketing. Only contacts with a status of Active will be sent your email campaigns and only these contacts count towards your monthly/annual billing amount. 

Understanding the different Transpond Status' Changing the status of your contacts

Understanding the different Transpond Status'

  • Active: An Active contact is one who will receive emails you send when included as part of the Group or Segment you send to. The number of Active contacts you have in Transpond determines your monthly or annual charges.
  • In-Active: An In-Active contact is one that you have in your Capsule account that you wish to exclude from your Camapigns. 
  • Unsubscribed: an Unsubscribed contact is one who has requested they be removed from a Group, typically by clicking the ‘Unsubscribe link’ in the Campaigns you send. Unsubscribed contacts are not billable.

A contact can be Active in one Group and In-Active or Unsubscribed in another. When a contact is Active in at least one Group, the contact will count towards your monthly/annual charges and they will only receive emails sent to them as part of the Group(s) they are Active in.

  • Bounced: a Bounced contact is one who has an invalid email address or one who has received three soft bounces in a row (a soft bounce can occur when there is a temporary issue with a contact’s mailbox, such as the mailbox being full or the contact’s server being temporarily down). Bounced contacts are not billable.
  • Blacklisted: contacts will be put on the Blacklist if they select to Unsubscribe from all of your Transpond Groups via the ‘Unsubscribe link’ in the Campaigns you send. Or if they report your Campaign as SPAM. Contacts on the Blacklist are not billable.

Once a contact has been marked as Bounced or Blacklisted their status is updated for ALL Groups they are a member of.

Changing the status of your contacts

Your Transpond contacts' status can be changed both individually or in bulk. 

Updating the status for an individual contact
Click Contacts at the top of the screen > All Contacts > enter the email address of the contact whose status you need to update
Click through to view the contact > in the top right corner of the contact view you can change the status for your contact. NB: this will change the status for the contact with all the Groups they are a part of.

Updating the status of multiple contacts
Click Contacts at the top of the screen > All Contacts > check the boxes next to each contact for whom you wish to change the status of.
Click Change Status from the drawer on the right hand side and then select the status you wish to change them too

If you want to change the status of multiple contacts to In-Active or Unsubscribed you will first need to go into the Group you wish to make them In-Active or Unsubscribed from and then select the contacts using the check boxes. 

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