How to clean your lists

What is the List Cleaning Feature?

One of the biggest issues found in email marketing today is sending to email addresses that are not “valid”. What the List Cleaning feature in Transpond does is find those email addresses before ever sending off your campaign, potentially saving you a lot of time and bounce-back/undeliverable emails. Instead of sending off your entire list and individually removing any addresses that hard bounce after the fact, you can simply use the List Cleaning on your list prior, and save yourself the time and effort of manually cleaning your list. 

How the List Cleaning feature works:

Once you have enabled it on a campaign, the Transpond List Cleaning feature will help you quickly remove or segment off damaging or invalid email addresses in just one click. It finds these addresses by automatically checking for:

  • Typos
  • Known spam traps
  • "Role" based emails, such as administrator@,postmaster@, etc.
  • If the email address has hard bounced recently across the entire Transpond platform
  • "Disposable" email addresses
  • Free email addresses (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)
  • Recipient’s mail server existing
  • Asks the recipient mail server if the email address is valid
  • The address is not a catch-all.
  • And much more…

How to Use the List Cleaning Feature:

To begin cleaning your list:

Go to  Contacts > Groups
Click on the Group that you want to clean.
Click Clean List option at the top of the page.
Review the details of the list cleaning to be performed, including the pricing and select a payment method
Select Start Cleaning

Once you have started the cleaning process, you can monitor the results in real time as they are happening. Navigating away from this page will also not interrupt this process, and you will be notified once all the tests are completed. Once the test has finished, you will be presented the results, and from there you can decide what to do with the invalid contacts - removal, copy to other groups, and much more.

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