How to export Contacts

You can export the Contacts in your account in order to generate a csv file of contact information. This csv file can be used for importing contacts into a third party tool such as your accounting platform or CRM for example. Frequently exporting the data is also good practice and ensures you have a backup of contact information should you need it. 

When exporting Contacts, you can choose to either export all contacts, or select a specific Group or Segment to export instead. To do that: 

Go to the Contacts page 
Select the Export tab in the toolbar 
Here you can use the drop down menu to select whether you would like to export all contacts or choose from a segment or group.
If you’re exporting a segment or group, use the following drop down menu to select the segment/group you want to export. 
Click the Export Contacts button. 
When your file is ready it will appear in the Export History section.
Click to Download and you’ll receive an exported CSV file of your selected Contacts. 

Tip: The csv file can be delimited by comma, semicolon or pipe - , : |To change your default, click the Delimiter link and this will take you to the Defaults area of the My Company settings page where you can update the delimiter. 

How to export a Group of Contacts 

When viewing a Group of Contacts, you will also find the option to export the selected group. Clicking to ‘Export’ will take you through to the Export tab and the Group will simply be preselected from the drop down menus mentioned above.

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